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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still no edge, ended another paper day flat

Another flat day.  Still no edge.  Making same mistakes of taking off winners early.  Getting much better at cutting losses QUICK, but need to let winners run and expect movement.

ALGT - Looked good to go but missed the limit fill

SHLD - Amazing short but again, took profits too early

VMW - Reversion attempt and failed, good stop

GMCR - Reversion bounce chase and out for small gain BUT STOP NEVER HIT, TARGET DID

AAPL - Great pattern but stressed out and took off the potential +1 and +2 at B/E

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paper only today, struggling to find edge

The lessons:

AMZN - reversion long

CF - Followed @gtotoy on this consol

AAPL - Lesson on Rising MA's

VMW - Missed bottom, attempted short but no follow through

VHC - Lesson on where to buy on gap up pullbacks

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mainly papered today as i lost the edge

Here are the lessons today:

XME - Daily alert triggered so went long but didn't like how far it gapped prior.

VRTX - Chased long after huge selloff

AMZN - Lessons on trading an inside day as well as reversion

CRUS - Daily set up triggers

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ended day red and 2nd week in a row red

Had 3 positive days and 2 losing days, the losses are greater then the wins so my R:R is off.  Need to re-evaluate trading methodology.

BIDU - Long off open

XCO - Trigger alerted and looked GREAT on daily, was just wrong

AMZN - Had P/B target but missed it, tried long but small loss

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Was up on the day and then final trade i took off to end the day flat

Ended day basically flat.

BIDU - Tiered in and it worked but again, OUT BEFORE TARGET HIT

VMW - Long off P/B to rising 8MA

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ended day green, STILL TAKING WINNERS TOO QUICK and it's costing me.

Lesson: Need to let winners run in order to stay in the game as only having a few losers is keeping me red.  Ended day green as 3 of 4 were winners but miss sizing as well as taking off B4 targets hit are costing me!

TNA - Long looking for reversal trade but took the hit

AAPL - Long off double bottom, BUT TOOK OFF WINNER TOO QUICK

AMZN - How to anticipate a high probability trade

RL - Great reversion trade that i missed

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nice productive day, 4 for 5

Great day but need to FORCE myself to let winners run to targets as my red days are bigger then my green days so overtime i'll have no edge unless i get this concept.

FSLR - Great reversion bounce

CAT - Long off previous day consolidation area but DIDN'T STICK TO PLAN

PPC - Had alert on daily and as it triggered i blindly bought long

GS - Short attempt but took off for tiny gain

LVS - Short the double top but was too strong

RL - Wasn't sure how to trade and really wanted to...some hindsight lessons on fading the gap

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another red day on a HUGE blown opportunity

FEAR is residing in my psyche.  Some missed trades, some miss-managed trades, and on others i just wasn't smart enough to follow the mentors in taking.

LVS - Chart said to short, missed the +.40 short

AMZN - Long on P/B but got hit for -1 and missed the HUGE BOUNCE

AAPL - Afraid to fill so pulled limit but did hit long and ran

CAT - Reversion short and wrong...also missed the easy longs.  LEARN!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ended day green but ended week red due to yesterdays mistakes

If i can learn to utilize PATIENCE and let my trades take me out, today would have had 2 HOMERUNS instead of taking bread crumbs.  I need to FOCUS ON LETTING TARGETS GET HIT!

Here are the trades and lessons

AMZN - Looked like bottom was in so 1/2 position long

NTAP - Didn't pull trigger and i missed a huge run, memorize this pattern

AAPL - How to trade previous day range lesson....oh, and a missed short for +10 as i had no conviction

WYNN - Legging into a short

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Biggest red day to date, 0 for 4 and that was still with 1/2 positions

Mistake 1: Taking the loss before stop is hit and not letting action move to target to take off.
Mistake 2: Putting stop AT support instead of below
Mistake 3: As soon as stop is hit i take off price as most time it bounces back so wait for a few minutes

FSLR - Long off strength but took premature loss

PANL - Looked to bottom but entered too early and didn't retake when setup

VMW - Long off strength but got stopped at lows (right at support)

BIDU - Long at bounce but stopped out on new quick shakeout low

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ended day green but CRAPPY trading day

Took some poor trades as i didn't execute as planned or took off too quick.  Main problem today was hesitation

BIDU - Great P/B target to get long but never pulled trigger

GS - Loved this push up as a place to short but didn't take it

AMZN - Bought P/B to MA's

AAPL - Long on break of Falling 50MA, bad trade

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Biggest losing day in awhile but still within daily loss allowance

Tuff day as every trade seemed to be a loser, learn from stops too tight or anticipated pullback, got it, but didn't take trade.

BIDU - Liked it long off RS at open but didn't add at obvious P/B to gapfill

AMZN - Long, Short, and Long, all great trades but STOPS TOO TIGHT OR TOOK OFF EARLY FOR SMALL LOSS INSTEAD OF LET TRADE WORK.  Should have had +2, +1, and +1.

AAPL - Didn't pull trigger so papered and it ran to the +2 target, THEN +5. Grow some balls!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ended day red, stayed calm but bad stops

1 for 3 today.

SINA - Stop too tight just under support and WHOLE number.  Need to watch for shakeouts.

LVS - Bounce off whole number of 50

AAPL - Pennant long but shaken out BY STOP AT SUPPORT, use better stops