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Monday, June 30, 2014

Riding out this losing streak like a man!

Went 0-3 today, cut back risk as i see plays running, but missing them and finding the ones i'm getting in are rolling over.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Watchlist

Had a tuff week last week as went red all 5 days.  Monday/Tuesday kept the losses well below my max pain as had 1 winner that erased 6 losers.  But then false B/O after false B/O got me in and ripped me out hitting max pain Wednesday and Thur/Fri combined hit max pain.  Needless to say, since i've raised risk i thought it was more emotional, however in review most setups looked legit to me and just didn't work out.  Here's whats on for this next week and game plan is to keep the added risk on, but will look at having tighter stops in case the market rolls as last week may have been a preview with failed B/O.

Here's the list:

Most are longs (which i still feel i'm biased short) and only a few short so will keep my bias at bay and look to trade what setups i see.  I have my alerts set.

BTW:  Here's an example of what most my trades looked like this week when i got stopped:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The house of PAIN

Another day of not a single winner.  Ended 0-5 and experiencing a tremendous drawdown in the ol trade account.  The crazy thing is, in my review the setups look legit when i enter them.  Today i'm posting screen shots of where i entered which to me reinforces great patterns, just didn't work out.  I am do for a frickin HUGE winner soon!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

0-6 Today and had to leave the battle wounded and bloodied

Wow what carnage.  They looked like great setups to me at the time but i was either too early, or they just didn't work.  Survived to fight another day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Great morning deep in the green, only to oversize on the last trade to end slightly red

Had a great morning as hit $VRTX on the gap and crap, however still didn't stick to scaling and left +3 on table from original plan

$JD popped up on radar and looked good so jumped in it however there was a huge buyer on the bid which looked like it was gonna spike down so took off for small loss.  Price retraced and he dissapeared and came back so i longed again with size on the B/O only to take off for another loss as it failed.

Still green on day and my alert on $COUP hit so took too big of a position and got stopped to end the day slightly red.  This was a poor trade.

And lastly, an alert that triggered but i missed was $BIDU and what a runner it was

Monday, June 23, 2014

The opportunity was Golden, yet my micromanagement skills prevailed...

What some great setups.  I chose 2 great movers and allowed myself to rationalize micromanaging.  I keep making progress in this area and then make the same mistake.

$AAPL short on daily looked great, intraday set as well.

$AXAS daily HOT!  Great entry and loaded with size only to rationalize moving stop to a support zone and stopped.

And finally $SSYS on watch, alerted, and didn't take.  Man i gotta jump on those.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Watclist with triggers

AAPL - Short 91.40
ABY - Long 40.20
ALK - Short 94.80
AXAS - 5.60
DD - 68.50
DDD - 53.50
FSLR - 69
GMCR - 122
GOGO - 19
ISRG - 404.60
MOBI - Short 8
PCYC - Pullback around 89.20
QIHU - Short 88.05
REGN - Pullback around 280
SINA - Short 45
SSYS - 102.40
VVUS - 5.50ish

Friday, June 20, 2014

Much better today capping losses

Only went 1-5 today and barely squeezed out a gain.  Still working on proper sizing as i find when i get in a winner i'm doing well with patience, but my size is smaller then i'd like.  When in a loser, i've sized too big.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm seeing Red, back to back max loss, and it's the best thing that has happened to me yet...

Last 2 days P&L wise has been a bloodbath.  Hit max pain and forced to sit on sidelines for remainder of day.  Most would think this a defeat however the last 2 days have been the most enlightening as i've drastically increased my size and have been working through the emotions.  I have limited each day to only 1 mistake (the good news), but again, i've been making 1 big mistake each day (the bad news).  As i eliminate this 1 trade each day, i will overcome my final struggles to make it to the next level of trading that i am looking toward.
The trades:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trading the setups famously, and now to really focus on proper sizing to bring this baby home!

2-4 today for a great green day, had great entries but need to focus on sizing correctly and scaling better and into strength.
$NFLX was looking for the gap and crap but took quick -1 loss.

$DYAX on watch list and started to go with volume.  Great entry but micromanaged and took profits too quickly.  I gotta chill and trade the pattern and enjoy the process!

$TRIP another great B/O on daily that gave a good entry.

And finally $EXPE looked great as SPY rolled this coiled tight.  Took long but stopped flat

Time stamped trades:

Monday, June 16, 2014

I had it. Got long $TSLA at open and got out too quick

Been stalking $TSLA, finally get in at the perfect entry and take off entire position at +2 instead of +20.  Great lesson

I really liked $ACHN as well and got in too early and got stopped out only to miss a fantastic entry.

$MNKD looked great, long the B/O but rolled for small loss

And finally the miss of the day $KORS

What a fantastic trading day.  I traded pretty well over all but $TSLA really hurt my psychologically.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Still using hindsight as my teacher, must use the NOW!

Im not recognizing my desired risk amount until after the trade.  Some form of disconnect i'm unaware of at this point so will be focusing on it.  My goal is to risk the SAME on EVERY trade as of now i'm bouncing around.  This will help direct my green days as today should have been well 10R.  Here are the trades:

$TSLA nice daily flag with a quick ORB scalp but missed the big move.

$YELP great daily setup and Red 2 Green play

$PANW missed the initial run by splitting Bid/Ask.  Attempted to play the P/B and traded with extreme risk.  Need to eliminate this mistake.

$SYNA short but stopped

$GMCR the one that i passed on, WOW!

Time stamped trades:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Painful day as went 0-6 and hit absolute max loss on day

Just when i was getting the groove, saw a lot of great setups and ended up striking out on all 6 attempts, both long and shorts.  Bloodiest day this year for me.  Most interesting lesson was today was a good day as in review they were all setups that have been working for me, with good R:R.  My only issue was my $SYNA short, when i stopped it was over the premarket congestion and my thesis was to look to switch long if made it over as had the momo to go, but i forgot my plan and didn't jump long.  Here is the pain:
$SYNA both 2 short attempts and then 2 long attempts.  This thing worked me like i was it's "John"

After this brutal beating, $VNDA looked like a great setup on both daily and intraday, but was a day too early.

Having to lick my wounds tonight as today was a giant step back, but again pleased with my trading as had conviction on majority of trades.  Tomorrow i will triumph.
Here are time stamped trades:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Still striving toward correct sizing as well as recognizing normal P/B spots

Had the potential for a HUGE day, however working through sizing issues.  I tend to size too small on winners, and too big on losers.  Will focus on risking same amount each trade.
Missed a few great plays today.  I like to include them as they are phenomenal lessons for positive reinforcement.
$ACHN premarket gave a textbook flag

I did catch $RCPT pre market off a flag back to support

$BEAV gave a great setup but didn't work until later

$BAS as well gave a great short.  I had a valid thesis, stop and target however raised my stop to B/E to quickly and scratch trade.  Shame as fell nicely all day.

And finally $MNST which i've had on watchlist for some time now, alerted but i never pulled it up.  Play of the day!

My tradervue link with time stamps: