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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spent last week welcoming my new baby boy to the world, now back to business

Great setups, Great entries, i still struggle letting my winners run.  I will not be successful trader until i can master this.

DK - Long off gap and go

V - Great setup that ran

GOOG - Extended Short roll play

ACAD - Huge volume pouring in running price

ALXN - Great tight daily flag but failed

V - Flag pullback another entry long

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Potentially hit the turning point today...

I felt like it clicked today.  I forced myself to take all trades that hit my setup criteria.  The one i broke rules i got punished badly.  I sold out to clear my head, took a 10 min break and came back for the NFLX B/O which i got stopped on shakeout.  It reset up so forced myself to take it and ended day at break even.  I can eliminate the trades with no stop.

GOOG - Great gap above previous day congestion

GOOG - Thought would P/B to previous day congestion so caught falling knife

RJET - Daily stair stepping up, intraday BO and chased a little

VHC - Textbook breakout daily and flag intraday

NFLX - Great gap and run with controlled P/B to get long

NFLX - Shook out weak hands and re-set up so re-longed

BIDU - Short the weak stock in a Overbought market

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Believing in setups now. I feel i have the eye, now it's ALL mental aspect to let winners realize.

GOOG - Short on falling out of tight flag on daily as opened weak

MPC - Great daily flag bounce off rising 10MA and over intraday R

COST - Great F/T B/O on daily and tight pennant with VOL intraday

AMZN - AMazing short entry and botched the target exit

AAPL - Cute bounce play for loss

Monday, March 11, 2013

Much better entries, getting better at letting trade take me out but have to force myself to stick to plan

Really working on staying focused and getting in trade with the expectation if wrong to get stopped out, if right to hold as long as possible to let run.

ZNGA - Great daily Pennant BO on vol

BIDU - Been weak in strong market and lost previous day low

GS - Break above previous day consol for quick runup

BIDU - Short the weak bounce to falling MA

GOOG - Rollover short

Friday, March 8, 2013

Really trying to work on pulling trigger on setups and staying in trade as long as possible with hard stop

NFLX - B/O on volume

GS - Reversion long

GOOG - Reversion long

AAPL - Perfect Textbook flag that didn't pan out, good loss.

GLD - Reversion short at wall of Resitance

AAPL - Long off P/B to rising 50MA and previous day close

CRM - Reversion short into falling 200MA and previous day consol area

GOOG - Great flat top setup

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Had one of those "Honored stops, got ripped out, and never got back in" days

GS - Great setup, great long entry, terrible stop for a loss

NFLX - Short the rel weakness but chased it and paid

NFLX - Caught partial of the lower high.  Need to be quicker in anticipation

BIDU - Flat top BO looked prime to go

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another day where if stuck to plan, would have been up big.

Going to start utilizing a better format on trades.  I am unable to connect the lessons from reviewing.  My journaling shows that if i take the setups and stick to R:R, i would final make the transition from losing to winning...and winning big.

FSLR - Great gap and go

AVAV - Huge gapdown that bounced right off open

CF - Long off break above intraday flag

KERX - Momo Rip today

FSLR - Classic Flag B/O

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If i stuck to planned trades, entered with size accordingly, would have had +3% day of entire account

V - Great daily look, gapped up and ran

CRM - Overextended on daily and gapped down in Strong market

AXP - Daily box trigger on gap up and had to chase as HIGH PROB setup

CRM - Reshort off lower high

FB - Bought the P/B on light volume flag

Monday, March 4, 2013

How many times does one learn the same lesson, as know it's just moronic mistakes

CRM - overnight short hold.  Didn't have stop and WHY buck the trend?  Terrible trade

GOOG - Great daily flag BO.  Really need to work on jumping in on these runs early, not getting stopped, and letting winners run

ALGT - Flat top BO on daily

AMRI - Fantastic daily high and tight flag at highs

BIDU - Bounce play but stop too tight and hit to the penny

CRM - Trend day up, bought off walking up the rising 8MA