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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Great entries but really need to focus in on holding winners as long as possible

LNKD - Daily flag B/O gap and go

NFLX - B/O over previous day highs but was a false BO

JPM - Nice early run with tight flag pattern

BIDU - Short on breach of lows but bounced to stop out

GOOG - Textbook flag

CELG - Great pennant with volume pattern to confirm

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Relearned a valuable lesson and got lucky that i didn't have to pay for the education

When i break my rules, i pay dearly.  Today was no exception.  I broke my #1 rule and got in a terrible setup with no stop.  I wasn't sure where to place it so had no business being in the trade.  As it fell -4 i added to a loser (which if wasn't part of strategy, which it wasn't, then breaks another rule) and prayed if i just get within a small loss i'll exit.  I GOT LUCKY!  Got out for small loss only to remember i do not have permission to trade if i don't know the R:R AND have a hard stop.

AMZN - Great reminder lesson

BIDU - Flag long

NFLX - Pennant B/O

CF - Bounce play

Monday, February 25, 2013

Traded the setups, when i stick to my plan, i trade well!

GOOG - Short the lower high

AMZN - Long on break above mini box

NFLX - Tight flag with great volume pattern

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ended day in the red but actually may have overcome a HUGE trading hurdle

I did much better today.  I completed the following:
1. I forced myself to have conviction (faked it to pull the trigger)
2. I traded with bigger size on the better setups (and really had to breathe to stay in trade)
3. I hit the bid on entries not worrying about pennies.
4. Had stops written down before entering
5. Did much better at staying in trade until stop or target was hit (still need to work on it)

The trades:
FIRE - Huge gap and looked primed to roll over, fakeout

FSLR - Great bounce play entry, still working and not selling the pullback

CELG - Perfect flag with the volume confirm

CZR - Great volume pattern

AMZN - Short on lows breaching lows and got shaken out. FRUSTRATING

GS - Great tight box but shaken out for loss

Thursday, February 21, 2013

By not having clear targets realize and by trying to be cute and get quick little scalps, i'm losing it!

Things i really need to work on:

1. Having conviction on alert setups, and pulling trigger the SECOND the setup hits
2. On my A+ setups taking with SIZE and don't look at P&L, work solely off of the pattern, Stops, and Targets.
3. Not worrying about splitting Bid/Ask on good setup, JUST GET IN.
4. Do NOT take trade if don't know the stop BEFORE I ENTER!
5. Stay in the trade AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, don't micro manage.  Let the trade work to ensure the Target gets hit.  I've noticed i get stopped quick when wrong, but if right, as long as i don't micro manage i can realize SIZABLE GAINS!

The trades:
BRY - Great huge gap up that sold immediately. 

GOOG - Great short into previous day consol resistance

GOOG - Flag B/O on volume and fake out

NFLX - Took long off pennant but screwed myself by user error

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Made 1 mistake of chasing and paid for it

CELG - Great gap up and liked the Long at 102 but didn't pull trigger until later which added risk

LNKD - Wanted long and chased it and paid dearly

LNKD - 2nd attempt at proper buypoint

CHK - Great daily box that looked like was breaking out

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Made many rookie mistakes. Frustrating as losers out performed my winners for a red day!

V - Looked great on daily for B/O but couldn't get the push

NFLX -Chased instead of let price come to me

FSLR - Missed the original rip but great flag that just didn't move like thought

GOOG - Great Flat top intraday BO

FSLR - Flagged again so took with size but micromanaged

Friday, February 15, 2013

Great job with alerts and entry. Need to work on proper sizing!

Much better job with entries and having stops today.  Big mistake was miss sizing.  I traded the same shares in a $57 stock as a $790 stock.  BIG MISTAKE!

JAZZ - Quick pop off great pattern

GOOG - Stair step breakout but rolled

NFLX - Looked like B/O intraday but has been rolling everytime lately

NFLX - Returned to B/O area so long again

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Didn't utilize plan of knowing stops before entering trade and paid to relearn the lesson

NFLX - BO failure that spanked me and then tried cute trades instead of well planned

GS - Great flag, great entry, didn't utilize proper sizing or let target realize

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Missed huge moves due to not pulling trigger at alerts

KORS - Great flag

AMZN - Missed big move but caught tiny 3rd flag move

CF - Bottom bounce but missed the real move after shakeout

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great setups but Fubar'd trades. Was up big in a.m. and traded back most profits

INVN - Great Flat Top BO but didn't add on rip like should have

SCTY - Huge gap and go, chased for quick pop

KORS - Huge gap and rolled, missed the ideal short entry but caught some

INVN - Flag number 2 but momo left

BIDU -  Shorted bounce as looked weak and got shaken out before the roll

Monday, February 11, 2013

Potential Huge Day if traded all setups seen as planned, instead i micromanaged and ended slightly red.

LNKD - Fast pop but missed the real long on P/B

AAPL - Break above previous high with shakeout that got me

DMND - Alert triggered but didn't look until later, trust alerts

POT - Short on loss of lows but was a fakeout

GS - Textbook Asc Tri and was shaken out