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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Every trade i took today was a loser. Felt i did great utilizing stops and ok with the trades.

QCOM - Fade the gap up as appeared to be rolling over, out for small loss

SIMO - Great daily and had the volume

SIMO - Held the flag so tried again

JDSU - Great flag

HLF - Short the gapfill rollover but didn't fall apart

TTWO - Missed the bounce but chased for quick cute trade

RNDY - Great BO but made a rookie mistake on stop

LVS - Textbook high and tight flag

LVS - Stopped earlier but had new setup

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Much happier with day as stuck to plan, even though i had a losing day, i felt i did great trading

AMZN - Fade the earnings gap up just under Resistance

CXO - Great mini flag on daily that triggered but missed fill

RPRX - Bounce play but didn't get volume like thought

CELG - Daily flag BO and ready to rip but fake out

AMZN - Gapfill bounce missed so chased up for quick profit

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hit Max pain and had to walk away. Feel like an idiot not making money in this market.

In review i couldn't make up my mind as shorted NFLX 2 times and then longed it 2 times.

NFLX - Short at open for small quick gain

BIDU - Daily flag BO but was a fake out

NFLX - Looked to be rolling so short again and wrong

NFLX - Turned bullish, looked great so long

NFLX - The great setup that i didn't take worked out big time

AAPL - Lesson of day on what to look for to get long on a gap up pullback

Monday, January 28, 2013

My morning bias is starting to affect my trading. Need to work on no bias, just pure setups

NFLX - Felt was extended but still broke above previous day high

CYBX - Big selloff on daily with climactic volume and mini consol

NFLX - Made lower high and looked like top was in but didn't stick to trade plan

LNKD - Great move with a controlled pullback

Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting better but still not yet living up to my potential

Some great moves, some i got, most i missed

NFLX - Break above previous days high, didn't take the trade!

PVH - Great daily pattern and moved big today

NFLX - Textbook high and tight flag at highs on low volume to let rising 20MA catch up

CRM - Breakout above previous day high, great long

INVN - Looking for follow thru day but didn't get it

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Started out great from alerts but then got manic and gave over 50% back

First 2 trades were money entries but had no stop or targets pre-planned.  TERRIBLE WAY TO TRADE.  I got super manic after the first two trades and jumped in and out of too many setups.

CRM - Break above previous day consol.  Great entry, terrible exit

NFLX - Huge gap up and hold.  Decent entry, terrible exit.

NTRI - Flat top BO on daily and looked ready but fizzled out

QIHU - Daily Flag B/O and intraday great pattern

NFLX - Short off role and sellers coming in

GMCR - Trade of the day

SWFT - Lesson of day on gap ups

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Very simple mistakes today. I'm happy as it's clear as day to me.

CELG - Closed my swing short due to earnings

POT - 42 Resistance looked like great short but stopped out

BIDU - Tight pennant intraday and flag on daily

AAPL - Lesson on buying gapfill pullbacks

NFLX - Great setup, great entry, boner stop of the day

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Great setups and entries, terrible stops for big losses today

LNKD - Daily Flag BO failed

CF - Daily Flag BO that looked like fail but was shakeout

NTES - Daily Flag BO that failed

RIMM - Gap up sitting at lows and looked like was going to lose 17

KEG - Asc Tri on Daily BO but shook me out

LNKD - Asc Tri on daily and Pennant on 3 min for BO anticipation

LVS - Great daily BO, Great entry.  Terrible job tightening stop for no reason

Friday, January 18, 2013

Worst week in awhile, really struggled with anything going right

HD - Looked like BO but fizzled quickly

LIFE - Fade the gap up but didn't fall like thought

GS - Textbook entry setup

CELG - Short the rollover but stopped out

AAPL - Lesson of what to look for

CMI - Nice breakout but rolled