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Friday, September 30, 2011

66% win rate, +101% daily target hit

Started the day amazing, went 2 for 2 and was well over my 100% target profit for the day.  Didn't establish discipline and walk away.  Then took 2 poor trades on much more volatile stocks and took losses on both.  Stayed focused and looked for excellent setups, and found 2 to end the day positive.  Here they are:

MON - Great short off daily support loss and great bounce long intraday

FSLR - missed 1st trade but took 2nd for gain

VRUS - Short and was right but foolish stop and too big of a position gave me a loss

BIDU - Final few trades, 1st attempt failed, 2nd attempt right but FORGOT TO LET A FEW RIDE AS IT FELL APART.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

43% Win rate, due to taking winners off TOO QUICK, took a -75% hit of daily loss allowance

Tuff day as i didn't stay disciplined and stick to game plan.  I feel i need to learn that if the reversion method doesn't work the first few times, that it's a very strong trending day (Up or down doesn't matter) and to trade in direction of that trending day looking for small pullbacks from initial direction to take.

AMZN - 3 trades, all winners in my book but still not sticking to game plan of letting winners run and let MA targets take me out

WYNN - Wrong on long

SINA - long of anticipated bounce and wrong

AAPL - Small bounce, chased it but was quick

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decent day, didn't let winners run. 50% win rate for +75% of daily goal attained

Only traded 2 stocks today, was early on both, then the 2nd attempt was great but took off profits a little early.  If let them breathe and run, would have had a huge day just on the 2 positions, but even with me jackin my own trades, still did well.

FSLR - Short then long

AMZN - 1st short fail, 2nd short nailed it

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amazing 83% win rate with target exceded +284% of daily target

Great day with high prob setups.  Getting better at letting target hit, taking off 1/2 positions and raising stop on rest.  Still need work but i pulled my P&L off my main page last 2 days in trading.  Will try for the next 1-2 weeks to see if that gives a psychological advantage.  So far answer is yes!

POT - Short after open for quick gain

AMZN - Scalpers dream today

GMCR - High prob setup

FSLR - Chased but ok

Monday, September 26, 2011

Only hit +28% of daily target with a lousy low 38% win rate. But finished green is where R/R plays in

Missed a lot of great setups late in the day.  Had more losers then winners but by working on looking for high prob. setups and forcing myself as much as possible to stick to game plan and allow winners (that i could force myself) to run, was able to end green on day.

NFLX Long off open strength and took controlled loss

MELI - Great bounce

WAG - long on bounce and took off early for loss

BIDU - Amazing textbook long on all indicators, took off early for +1

TWI - Great bounce, stop error

LVS - Great trade and target hit, left room to ensure plan would work with target/stop

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Way late to the party but can apply to future lessons

Many trades have set up great but had to exercise extreme patience.  This method is going top of my book as it's almost textbook S/R trading with a small twist of the shakeout.  I've been reading a lot of @HCPG and @GTOTOY old blog posts and have not been seeing the BASIC lesson they both teach so well of S/R.  The books i've ready give examples but they're just that, examples.  Nothing is ever textbook in trading, but forming a basic knowledge and applying it real world with some leniancy has been a key factor i tend to miss as i am so literal with all that i learn.  AHA moment for me?  Maybe.  Here are some examples: LBTYA, TIBX, PPO

Friday, September 23, 2011

Target overshot by +160% with a 86% win rate

Great trading day with some trades that appeared to be obvious that ended up working.  I feel these are the same "look" that worked well for months, then clobbered me for a few weeks, and now seem to be working again.  Still not sure if the problem was me or the method just stopped for that time?  Anyways, here are some of the trades.

NFLX - Great long

POT - breakout long

FSLR - Amazing long today

YOKU - Great example of a short not breaking down

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another great day +108% of daily target with a 80% win rate

Hopefully i'm finding consistency.  Here are some of the better lessons today:

FSLR - Nailed both the long and short WITH A LESSON OF THE WEEK

BIDU - 1 out of 2

CMG - The one that i didn't take

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amazing Day, took balls but shorted RRC to end day +122% of daily target with a 69% win rate

Here are some trades:

BIDU - Long off open strength and wrong

FSLR - Long off bounce

EDU - Shorted weakness

RRC - Got chatter, shorted into strength

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Days like today keep me in the game. +150% daily target with a +73% win rate

Yesterday i got schilacked with not sticking to the game plan and by taking a few VERY FOOLISH trades.  When i feel like walking away in defeat a day like today comes along and reinforces that maybe i can do this...but now it's back to the challenge of consistency.  Here are the trades:

CELG - HT @gtotoy HUGE DAY, and got stopped B/E prematurely due to lack of discipline

AAPL - nice gap up and ran

AMZN - High prob. setup using MA as Support and indicators

BIDU - Amazing short and then long call, nailed it

SOHU - Great short at downtrending MA

TZA - Long but missed out on huge run

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad day gets worse. -395% of daily loss allowance with only a 8% win rate.

Gotta learn when to hold em...and when to fold em.  Worse win rate % in awhile.  Interesting to see what i learn tonight as i've been doing absolutely terrible for several weeks.  Let's begin:

TNA - Long within minutes of the open for a gapfill however lesson was NO INDICATORS SAID TO GET LONG, HONOR INDICATORS!

CF - Took a long at 9:47 as price showed a bounce but NO INDICATORS SAID TO GET LONG, HONOR INDICATORS!

NFLX - Didn't stick to game plan, took for small gain and left +2 of original target on table.

BIDU - Looked all clear for long but was wrong

APA - Long off indicators...took off premautrely

GS - Great entry but winner turned loser

SGEN - Hindsight, should have never shorted the strength.  I forgot that one.

CMG - Mistake to short stair step strength just like SGEN

I continue to make the same mistakes but notice even setups i see as "high probability" i am wrong.  My issue is i took 2 potential winners off prematurely therefore took a big loss.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tuff day on the board but in review were good set ups and good stops, just didn't go my way

-89% of daily loss allowance hit with only a 20% Win rate.  Terrible on the books but in review looked like great setups with good R/R, just was wrong.

GS - Long attempt fail but great read to exit flat

AAPL - Short setup that failed

BIDU - Long and missed

POT - Missed trade