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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad day gets worse. -395% of daily loss allowance with only a 8% win rate.

Gotta learn when to hold em...and when to fold em.  Worse win rate % in awhile.  Interesting to see what i learn tonight as i've been doing absolutely terrible for several weeks.  Let's begin:

TNA - Long within minutes of the open for a gapfill however lesson was NO INDICATORS SAID TO GET LONG, HONOR INDICATORS!

CF - Took a long at 9:47 as price showed a bounce but NO INDICATORS SAID TO GET LONG, HONOR INDICATORS!

NFLX - Didn't stick to game plan, took for small gain and left +2 of original target on table.

BIDU - Looked all clear for long but was wrong

APA - Long off indicators...took off premautrely

GS - Great entry but winner turned loser

SGEN - Hindsight, should have never shorted the strength.  I forgot that one.

CMG - Mistake to short stair step strength just like SGEN

I continue to make the same mistakes but notice even setups i see as "high probability" i am wrong.  My issue is i took 2 potential winners off prematurely therefore took a big loss.

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