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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ended day slightly down, back into trading realtime but VERY small positions

Relearning that if i'm wrong and get stopped, look to trade the other way as when i'm wrong, i'm VERY wrong.  Implementing live trading again (gut says not to) but i notice i tend to paper a little loose and don't get the slippage so now using very small positions and risking no more then .025% of account per day.  Got to get back to real world lessons!

COH - Looked strong via @gtotoy, took long and bailed flat, great exit, missed the reverse trade.

AMZN - Looked ready to rip but needed a digestion day, miss managed original plan

TIE - Daily alert triggered, took long but micro managed and took off flat!

NFLX - Great pennant long but didn't let stock breathe.

LVS - Loved the flag under the 20MA, chased long though for quick small gain

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