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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Potentially hit the turning point today...

I felt like it clicked today.  I forced myself to take all trades that hit my setup criteria.  The one i broke rules i got punished badly.  I sold out to clear my head, took a 10 min break and came back for the NFLX B/O which i got stopped on shakeout.  It reset up so forced myself to take it and ended day at break even.  I can eliminate the trades with no stop.

GOOG - Great gap above previous day congestion

GOOG - Thought would P/B to previous day congestion so caught falling knife

RJET - Daily stair stepping up, intraday BO and chased a little

VHC - Textbook breakout daily and flag intraday

NFLX - Great gap and run with controlled P/B to get long

NFLX - Shook out weak hands and re-set up so re-longed

BIDU - Short the weak stock in a Overbought market

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