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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to 1/2 sizes, and still got smoked, less then 25% accuracy. Not a good day for reversion tactics.

Tuff week so far.  In 2 days i've managed to erase 1 whole week of trading gains.  Yesterday's mistake of miss managing sizing for risk was an easy learning experience however today i cut back from 2x size to 1/2x size and still had a -250% loss of daily target which leads me to beg the question "Is it my method that has stopped working or my interpretation of the method?" When i'm wrong, i'm really wrong.

POT - Anticipated breakout long so took position and got shaken out right at support instead of realizing that the pullback to 51 should have been welcomed.

NFLX - Shorted roll over and was wrong

GMCR - Shorted roll over and was wrong again....should have gotten the clue strong day that just wouldn't stop.  LESSON, AFTER SEVERAL SHORTS FAIL (2 OR MORE) SWITCH TO LONGS AND GO WITH MARKET DIRECTION INSTEAD OF REVERSION METHODS

FSLR - Finally a short that worked

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