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Friday, August 26, 2011

+$12, I am a Golden God!

Today is the definition of victorious.  I try to always post % as it doesn't matter if your trading 1 share or 1k shares.  When dealing in terms of probability, it's wisest to go by % as it's more applicable in real world applications.  Anyway, today i broke my losing streak, granted i only ended the day +$12, however after getting my ass handed to me by the market, re-educating me in proper risk management i am still taking much smaller positions to gain my edge back.  Without an edge, probability will slowly bleed you out over time.  Here are my lessons for the day.

GS - short for a small gain after open

TNA - attempted long and got stopped out right before the rocket ship hit

ATPG - Lesson of the day

BIDU - short for +1

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