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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another big red day as stopped at max pain near lows

So easy to see hindsight that stopped out near lows for max pain when should either stop earlier and re-enter or wait for a few.

If stuck to targets on actual trades, would have ended day green.  If took PT's as well, would have been green over +400PT.  Let trades work, re-enter if stopped but sets up again.

XEC - Strong out of gate, stopped but missed obvious re-entry

SPRD - Why you must let winners run

GS - Study your mistakes.  Too big of size and to big of stop and didn't re-enter on setup

DE - Gap up and hold

ACI - Great tight flag on daily, looked ready

UNH - Perfect rollover but turned into flag

AMZN - Perfect shake out on long that caught me

WYNN - Missed B/O

AAPL - Lesson of the day on buypoints

MUR - Amazing entry but sold early.

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