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Monday, October 1, 2012

OK Day but missed out big as didn't pull trigger

I had 12 alerts go off on this gap up and didn't know how to respond. I took 2 trades live (both mediocre at best) and 5 trades i papered for GREAT results.  Learn to pull trigger w/out hesitation with stop and target.
The trades and the hesitations:

AMTD - Liked the hammer off support on daily (DECENT SETUP, GOOD EXIT FOR B/E)

V - Chased as was slow to notice (RIGHT IDEA BUT LATE TO ENTER)

CF - Looked great off base and rip (RIGHT IDEA, DIDN'T EXECUTE FOR +2)

AAPL - Short of previous day consol area (DECENT SETUP, GREAT RE-EVAL TO EXIT)

FB - Great bounce off rising 50MA (GREAT SETUP, DIDN'T PAN OUT, GREAT EXIT)

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