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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ended day in the red but actually may have overcome a HUGE trading hurdle

I did much better today.  I completed the following:
1. I forced myself to have conviction (faked it to pull the trigger)
2. I traded with bigger size on the better setups (and really had to breathe to stay in trade)
3. I hit the bid on entries not worrying about pennies.
4. Had stops written down before entering
5. Did much better at staying in trade until stop or target was hit (still need to work on it)

The trades:
FIRE - Huge gap and looked primed to roll over, fakeout

FSLR - Great bounce play entry, still working and not selling the pullback

CELG - Perfect flag with the volume confirm

CZR - Great volume pattern

AMZN - Short on lows breaching lows and got shaken out. FRUSTRATING

GS - Great tight box but shaken out for loss

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