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Thursday, February 21, 2013

By not having clear targets realize and by trying to be cute and get quick little scalps, i'm losing it!

Things i really need to work on:

1. Having conviction on alert setups, and pulling trigger the SECOND the setup hits
2. On my A+ setups taking with SIZE and don't look at P&L, work solely off of the pattern, Stops, and Targets.
3. Not worrying about splitting Bid/Ask on good setup, JUST GET IN.
4. Do NOT take trade if don't know the stop BEFORE I ENTER!
5. Stay in the trade AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, don't micro manage.  Let the trade work to ensure the Target gets hit.  I've noticed i get stopped quick when wrong, but if right, as long as i don't micro manage i can realize SIZABLE GAINS!

The trades:
BRY - Great huge gap up that sold immediately. 

GOOG - Great short into previous day consol resistance

GOOG - Flag B/O on volume and fake out

NFLX - Took long off pennant but screwed myself by user error

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