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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Still striving toward correct sizing as well as recognizing normal P/B spots

Had the potential for a HUGE day, however working through sizing issues.  I tend to size too small on winners, and too big on losers.  Will focus on risking same amount each trade.
Missed a few great plays today.  I like to include them as they are phenomenal lessons for positive reinforcement.
$ACHN premarket gave a textbook flag

I did catch $RCPT pre market off a flag back to support

$BEAV gave a great setup but didn't work until later

$BAS as well gave a great short.  I had a valid thesis, stop and target however raised my stop to B/E to quickly and scratch trade.  Shame as fell nicely all day.

And finally $MNST which i've had on watchlist for some time now, alerted but i never pulled it up.  Play of the day!

My tradervue link with time stamps:

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