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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Painful day as went 0-6 and hit absolute max loss on day

Just when i was getting the groove, saw a lot of great setups and ended up striking out on all 6 attempts, both long and shorts.  Bloodiest day this year for me.  Most interesting lesson was today was a good day as in review they were all setups that have been working for me, with good R:R.  My only issue was my $SYNA short, when i stopped it was over the premarket congestion and my thesis was to look to switch long if made it over as had the momo to go, but i forgot my plan and didn't jump long.  Here is the pain:
$SYNA both 2 short attempts and then 2 long attempts.  This thing worked me like i was it's "John"

After this brutal beating, $VNDA looked like a great setup on both daily and intraday, but was a day too early.

Having to lick my wounds tonight as today was a giant step back, but again pleased with my trading as had conviction on majority of trades.  Tomorrow i will triumph.
Here are time stamped trades:

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