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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Still using hindsight as my teacher, must use the NOW!

Im not recognizing my desired risk amount until after the trade.  Some form of disconnect i'm unaware of at this point so will be focusing on it.  My goal is to risk the SAME on EVERY trade as of now i'm bouncing around.  This will help direct my green days as today should have been well 10R.  Here are the trades:

$TSLA nice daily flag with a quick ORB scalp but missed the big move.

$YELP great daily setup and Red 2 Green play

$PANW missed the initial run by splitting Bid/Ask.  Attempted to play the P/B and traded with extreme risk.  Need to eliminate this mistake.

$SYNA short but stopped

$GMCR the one that i passed on, WOW!

Time stamped trades:

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