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Monday, June 9, 2014

Best day trading to date....and then i made 1 little poor choice and got nailed

What a great day in trades.  Hit some great winners with patience and kept harvesting profits.  Like in

Also $GLOG short setup was great, however missed limit target by pennies and was too slow on the draw and winner turned loser

Saw a few great setups that i missed by pennies like the pullback in $ACHN

Found great short in $CRM that just didn't work

Was still up on the day and saw the nice flag on $BIDU which has been hot lately and trading technically perfect, but made the mistake of over sizing and got hit on too big of a loss.

Overall was a great day process wise.  Had a huge green P&L which i've done much better at not trading against.  Very pleased with the lesson $BIDU reminding me to always size accordingly, but not pleased with the tuition it charged.  Kept a cool head with taking on 2R on all trades except  the -4R loss on BIDU.

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