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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekly Watchlist

Had a tuff week last week as went red all 5 days.  Monday/Tuesday kept the losses well below my max pain as had 1 winner that erased 6 losers.  But then false B/O after false B/O got me in and ripped me out hitting max pain Wednesday and Thur/Fri combined hit max pain.  Needless to say, since i've raised risk i thought it was more emotional, however in review most setups looked legit to me and just didn't work out.  Here's whats on for this next week and game plan is to keep the added risk on, but will look at having tighter stops in case the market rolls as last week may have been a preview with failed B/O.

Here's the list:

Most are longs (which i still feel i'm biased short) and only a few short so will keep my bias at bay and look to trade what setups i see.  I have my alerts set.

BTW:  Here's an example of what most my trades looked like this week when i got stopped:

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